Real Money Gaming

In a time where most revenue models on the app markets are likely to have a negative effect on their audience (such as ads, in-app purchases etc.) our service helps monetize and engage the gaming audience at the same time. It also does not compromise any of the games’ additional revenue models.

Gumbler Is Unique

No other real-money gaming platform is as flexible, clean, simple and social as Gumbler. The Gumbler interface has no casino-like flashing buttons, unnecessary animations or interruptions. It allows users to focus on their gameplay. Through the Gumbler platform players can join eSports tournaments in various shapes and sizes. Our selection of different types of challenges makes Gumbler more fun and interactive than any other real money gaming-SDK on the market.


Gumbler’s SDK is available for online and mobile games. We currently offer integration on iOS. Connection to Gumbler is made through integrating our SDK. The Gumbler SDK is available for native code and several frameworks such as Unity, Cocos2d-x, HTML5 and LibGDX. Adding Gumbler to your game does not require much work, and our integration specialists are available for assistance from start to finish.


Gumbler provides mobile game developers with the opportunity to generate additional revenue from their games. From all real money tournaments in Gumbler a service fee (or a so called “rake”) is charged, just like in Poker. Game developers who connect to the Gumbler platform are rewarded a revenue share up to 50% of the profit generated from every completed real money tournament.

Analytics and Reporting

Gumbler offers all game partners an analytics report of revenue, in order to track general user engagement levels and profitability of real money gaming in the partner’s specific titles.

User Wallet

Gumbler offers your players a secure user wallet for easy deposits and withdrawals. Through VisaSecured (accepting both Visa and Mastercard) or PayPal, deposits and withdrawals are issued without any need to leave the Gumbler app. Our accounts team and bank offer full support on any transaction-related issue.


The team at Gumbler manages security aspects such as client identification, location verification and geo-blocking as well as prevention of fraud and money laundering. Gumbler™ provides players with a secure skill gaming experience and allows developers to focus on building engaging mobile games. Several technical mechanisms are also implemented to prevent cheating on the Gumbler platform, including monitoring of results in Gumbler’s backend system and flagging suspicious behavior prior to withdrawals from Gumbler accounts.


Gumbler is classified as a skill-based gaming platform, which means it does not fall under the category of gambling or hazard games. Thus, there is no need for Gumbler or any partner developer to obtain a gambling license. This is also the reason why Gumbler has been accepted by Apple and we can offer our service almost worldwide.